Pastor James Lotz founded Bible Baptist church in 1982; he moved from The Meadville area in 1994. Pastor Phillip Thomas has led Bible Baptist Church since June 24, 1995. He has been married to his beautiful wife, June, since July 28, 1979 and they have raised five children together.


After being called to the ministry as a young man, Pastor Thomas followed God's calling Sept 25, 1982. He has since pastored five churches in the Clarion, Armstrong, Butler, and Crawford counties. 


Our mission at Bible Baptist Church is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ: His death, burial, and resurrection, to an unsaved, sinful, dying world, with the hope of seeing many people come to Jesus Christ the Lord for salvation by faith in Him alone. Simply put, we are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in the rural area of Meadville, PA seeking to love people, preach the Word, see souls saved and lives changed!


As the world around us continues to show ever lowering moral values and sub par standards, we are committed to standing firmly on the precepts of God's holy and divine Word.




Providing a Christian Foundation for your child's education


Pastor James Lotz was a man with a vision for educating young people with a strong Christian base. After founding Bible Baptist church in 1982, he began Foundation Christian School in 1983.  Pastor Thomas took over the leadership of the school when he became Pastor in 1995, but since it's conception FCS has never veered from it's original goal. It has continued to provide biblically based self instructional curriculum involving diagnostic testing, goal setting, and mastery of subject content. We accomplish this in a learning environment with informed family members assisted by experienced FCS advisors.

Is Foundation Christian School the right fit for your child?  

Are you concerned with the values and morales that are lacking in todays society?


Do you feel that your child is being left behind or is struggling due to the generic testing and crowded class rooms of the public school system?


Have you considered homeschooling, but are unsure how best to approach it?


Has your child been diagnosed with a learning disability or do they struggle to stay focused and attentive in a large class setting?


Is your child gifted and lacking the challenge of the average class room?

Would your child benefit from moving through their education at their own pace?